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Our history

Ilmareintasca is an organization founded in 2008, born of the passion for the
sea with the aim of combining energy in the world of marine activities,
especially in the fields of sailing, navigation, free diving, mental training,
education in schools, underwater activities, sea tourism and marine studies.
The objective is to become a place that generates and disseminates
innovative knowledge of the sea inspired by values ​​of respect, passion, and
exploration for the enhancement of the marine environment.
It is our keen desire to talk about the sea through the filters of training,
entertainment and solidarity.
We are waiting to welcome you on board!


Happiness is a simple idea when you behold the sea


Freedom, Respect, Passion, Generative, Culture, Solidarity, Multidisciplinary, Approaches


About us

Solving the problem means offering a package for both adults and kids, designed so that it may be enjoyed no matter what level of experience, budget or time the individual person disposes of


We have both courses and experiences tailored for you that are unique and unforgettable. Together with the experts of the sectors involved we guarantee your learning experience. You may then also choose whether to donate for solidarity or not. At “Il Mareintasca” we try to involve the less fortunate in discovering the sea.


No other organization offers the integrated proposal interweaving all the disciplines mentioned that we bring you, and nobody does so with the same eye on sustainability and solidarity. In a country surrounded by the sea, with a 7000km long coastline, our vision will look like the future that was never thought of before.


We live in constant contact with the sea and we try to do so in the simplest, most emotional, safest and sustainable way. Through Sailing, Diving and Fishing the sea and its culture will reveal itself to us and will hide its secrets no longer. Moreover, you will live these experiences exactly to your liking.


We are a team of managers, biologists, sailing professionals, underwater
activities’ specialists,
All inspired by respect and enhancement of the marine environment.

We are a passionate, generous and multi-disciplinary team. The culture we thrive on is a generative one that multiplies the original idea into many more, and creates a third and better alternative between two initial ones. We are managers, champions and talents all united by the love for the sea.

Guido Stratta
Coach, manager, optimist, specialized in cultural transformation and people management processes, he has worked in large Italian companies in the service sector.
Bianca Straniero Sergio
Family psychotherapist, analyst psychologist, ordinary member of AIPA and IAAP member, environmentalist, realist and specialist in the ecology of human relations.

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